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The Rigour and Authenticity of Craft Roasting.

At Lenoir & Lacroix, we believe that our task as coffee roasters is to fittingly highlight all the work and the passion that coffee cultivation demands. To accomplish this, our work, although a craft, is among the most rigorous in order to properly respect the authenticity of various exceptional soils. Throughout our many years of experience in the field of coffee, we have built a solid reputation for developing exceptional coffees, cup after cup. Since our company’s earliest beginnings, our objective has been simple: give coffee back the pedigree it deserves.

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Organic, fair-trade and human

Ecological and social responsibility.


Espresso blends

Organic and fairtrade espresso blends


Classical range

Organic and fairtrade blends


Origin coffees

Selected quality origin coffees


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Exclusive coffees to discover!


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Limited edition

Discover the aromas of the coffee of Jorge Rodriguez Astonitas of the cooperative Improcafé. Unique terroir bought directly by the producer.

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Cindy Ianniciello is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Montreal. She recently completed a degree in graphic design and publishing at the Institut Européen de Design in Barcelona. She also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University.

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Rather full-bodied. Refined, well balanced and long in the mouth.
No bitterness.


Annick Gaudrault is an illustrator and a Montreal native. From her studio, she searches, discovers and dreams extensively. Freshness and exuberance are her bywords. She has a passion for words and images. She has studied cinema and literature, two ingredients that go together so well.

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Intense, refined, with no bitterness.
A superb discovery.


Art has always affected me like a good cup of coffee. You could say it focuses me and gives me the energy to start my day right. As every coffee lover knows, caffeine has a diuretic effect. It’s a good analogy to say that it fills up my life and pressures me to create even more. My approach is sometimes intuitive, sometimes rational, sometimes both. I concentrate a lot of my time on visual and sound creation. I am stimulated by learning, and from that, I imagine that something emerges that you could call a creation. I work a lot by trial and error. I like losing control to an extent in order to surprise myself.

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An enchanting encounter between Indonesia and Africa.
Refined. Notes of spice with a chocolate finish.




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